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NowakowskiLaw is a boutique Warsaw-based law firm, with the main focus on luxury real estate and banking. We also provide family office services, with all-inclusive legal aid.

We deal with Warsaw’s luxury real estate market in its every aspect, helping international entities to invest, purchase, finance, and/or find financing. We help developers, construction companies, provide legal support for real-estate agents and real-estate managers, housing communities, architects, and many more.

We support the ideas of our Clients, helping them develop their business.

NowakowskiLaw focuses on:
- Due diligence process
- Negotiations
- Transaction documents
- Financing
- Evictions
- Court / administrative cases

We work in Polish and English. We cooperate with translators, architects, patent attorneys, economists, managers.

Due Diligence.

Due Diligence of a real estate consists in checking its legal status on the basis of available information and documents. Everyone is obliged to exercise due diligence generally required in a given type of relationship (due diligence). Due diligence in the field of business activity is determined taking into account the professional nature of this activity. Bearing in mind the above rules, resulting from the Civil code, each entrepreneur, before purchasing real estate, should conduct Due Diligence, which will give a positive result. Otherwise, the purchase of real estate will be associated with risks that should be indicated in the Due Diligence report.


Negotiations are an institution regulated in the Civil Code as one of the methods of concluding a contract. If the parties conduct negotiations to conclude a designated contract, the contract is concluded when the parties reach agreement on all its provisions that were the subject of negotiations. The party that started or conducted negotiations in violation of good manners, in particular without the intention to conclude a contract, is obliged to compensate the damage suffered by the other party by counting on concluding the contract.

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